Tired of getting pulled down the street?  Is your back sore from cleaning up puppy messes?  Are your friends not visiting because your dog is jumping all over them?  Feel like your dog isn't listening to you?

Our family dog training services are geared toward helping you teach your dog to look to you for cues on how to behave and have good social manners.  Our training is “real-life” training where we teach practical exercises that you will need and use every day.  

The success of training is dependent on a benevolent leadership relationship between you and your dog, and we’ll show you positive, fun and motivating ways to work with your dog.

We've put together several different programs and packages to help your family address your dog's training and behavior needs.  In many cases, a combination of our training options can help you reach your goals! Please click on any of the links below or use the drop-down menu above to find out more information about our training and behavior services:

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