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Cost: $100-150 additional per week

Expanding the base plan will add an additional 1-2 commands or address a behavior concern.


Our board & train services can help you get a jump start or polish up on training concerns such as basic commands (coming when called, sit/down/stand positions and walking nicely on a leash) as well as on leash reactivity.  Our training philosophies and protocols remain the same - we will take the time to establish engagement with your dog so that we can form a bond and work together.

Like all of our training services, board & train can become a part of a customized package for you and your dog to reach your goals.  We will determine the total number of weeks, and also what the weekly schedule will look like.  Some dogs stay consecutive weeks, others alternate weeks.  If you are interested in board & train for your dog, we will do an in-depth consultation to discuss the details of what you are wanting help with and your dog's fit for the program. 

Please Note:  Not all dogs and/or behavior concerns are suitable for board & train.  Very anxious dogs, for example, are not going to be able to get comfortable and relaxed enough outside their home environment to learn. We'll help you come up with a training plan to address your concerns.

Expanded Plan

Base Plan

Cost: $250 per week

Our base plan includes time working on engagement and foundation exercises and generally 1-2 basic obedience commands such as coming when called or walking nicely on a leash. 

All board & train plans include a pre & post consultation.  Consultations may be over the phone, in-home or at our place.  Follow up sessions to continue training will be customized as well.

Board & Train dogs will spend the night at Honey Creek Pet Resort in our separate training room and will be taken out for their training sessions either at the Pet Resort, our Training Center or go on a Field Trip.  With overnight stays, the State does require that all vaccines be current and that we have proof on file.  Required vaccines are DHPP/Combo shot, Bordetella/Kennel cough and Rabies.  

Board & Train