Pre-Purchase or Adoption Consultation

We are offering our time for FREE to help out when considering getting a new dog and for dogs (and owners too) who are new to us - contact us to schedule a visit! 

Pre-Training Meet & Greet

Free Pre-Training Consultations


Considering using our services but not sure about what's best for your dog or if we're the right team for you?  Our FREE pre-training meet & greet is a great way for you to meet us and ask questions about our training style and philosophy.  It's also the perfect way for us to evaluate your dog and help come up with the best training package moving forward.  

Considering getting a new dog?  Our FREE pre-purchase/adoption consultation service is designed to help your family decide on the best type of dog for your situation and lifestyle.  Bringing a new pet into your home is a lifelong commitment and not one to take lightly, so before you make this big decision, we’ll help you with:

  • Breed(s) selection
  • Appropriate age range (puppies aren’t for everyone)
  • Where to find your new dog and what to look for and expect in a rescue group, reputable breeder, etc.